The European Commission hack #EUvsVirus takes place this weekend 24, 25 and 26 April. With an opening ceremony taking pace 17:00 CEST live on Facebook.

Signup for the hack here

Read about the openVirus / ContentMine team and project here.

Invitation to volunteer

GenR will be taking part for the team openVirus and you are invited to join this team.

openVirus is working with data mining and better access to COVID-19 literature.

Everyone, not just experts, wants and needs access to the scientific/medical literature. This project makes it simple. We provide quick methods of finding millions of relevant documents and extracting the relevant knowledge.

openVirus is lead by Peter Murray-Rust and ContentMine.


Using ContenMine data mining software to download large amounts of Open publications, unify the semantics, filter, annotate, re-use, reaggregate, compute More specifically:

  • find a number of Open sources (repositories, publishers, theses, NGO gray literature, government publications, etc.)
  • build crawler/readers for these and translate into universal form (JATS, originally from NIH) widely used in biomedical publications).
  • add semantics so machines can understand the articles.
  • search and annotate with a large number of bespoke dictionaries (word lists)
  • link everything (bibliography, annotations) to Wikidata

We’ll refer to the toolkit as AMI as nearly all services can be accessed through it.

Skills and tasks

All comers welcome from data scientists, designers, communicators. The searching retrieval of research literature requires a wide variety of skills for example translation in stemming terms on WikiData, etc.

You can download, install and use ContentMine software here.

How to get involved

Signup here and join the hack Slack and then search for ContentMine or openVirus.

Or DM @gen_r_ and well help you on board.