The International Council of RSE Associations has been formed – Jan 2021 – as a coordinating body between national Research Software Engineering (RSE) associations. Software engineers in research have been forming national associations – RSEs – over the last several years and have been successful in raising the profile of the occupation in the research life cycle.

Leaders from national associations met in January 2021 to establish the international effort: National RSE Associations, included: the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Nodic RSE, and the US.

The new body will carry out coordination, act as a forum, help with avoiding and resolving conflicts, and work to encourage the creation or more national RSEs.

The organisation is only freshly minted as they say and governance details are to be worked out, but this is an exciting development for software in research and its contribution to research. Further contact details are here.

‘Introducing the International Council of RSE Associations’, see the full blogpost (27 Jan 2021).

Blogpost image: Photo by Zhu Hongzhi on Unsplash