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What is striking about preprints is their stimulus for innovation – in terms of new market entries for review: Pubpeer, Plaudit, PREreview, etc., and the space they open up for extending who and where science literature is reviewed.

Preprints are controversial for two main reasons: firstly, the questionable quality and flood of the papers due to the limited review process, the bad incentives for academics to speedily publish, and misconception by wider society; secondly, their challenge to the journal system and publishers profits – why pay 9.500€ to publish with Nature journals when you can publish for free with preprint services like Wikiversity Preprints.

#PreprintSprint is hosted by ASAPbio in collaboration with Wellcome, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, DORA, EMBO Press, PLOS, and eLife.

Brainard Jeffrey, 2020. ‘For €9500, Nature Journals Will Now Make Your Paper Free to Read’. Science | AAAS, 24 November 2020. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/11/9500-nature-journals-will-now-make-your-paper-free-read.

Image: ASAPbio https://asapbio.org/kicking-off-the-preprintsprint