Volunteers wanted! Help in the use of knowledge to innovate in the area of COVID-19 by searching and sorting open papers for a variety of issues, such as PPE face masks and ventilator use.

You can check out openVirus issue tracker here github.com/petermr/openVirus/issues.

openVirus is a project to develop knowledge resources and tools to help tackle the COVID19 outbreak. It does by data mining open research paper repositories, aggregates of scholarly publications and extracted knowledge on viruses and epidemics.

openVirus on GitHub: https://github.com/petermr/openVirus

Instructions for installing and running the open-source data mining software.

openVirus authors are also using what looks like a very interesting preprints platform ‘WikiJournal Preprints‘. Here you can see the example paper being developed in the open ‘Aggregation of scholarly publications and extracted knowledge on COVID19 and epidemics/Open Notebook‘.