Photo by Alain Pham on Unsplash

Join presenters from a number of open-source and open science projects for a 60 minutes online presentation. The session is fast paced and an essential place to go for cutting edge developments in open science infrastructures.

Monday 29th June, 18:00 CEST – register online and check out the growing agenda here.

Presenters include: Adam Hyde, ‘Open Publishing Fest’ – | Chris Hartgerink, ‘The modular publishing unit: Why, how, and potential’ – | Tony Alves, MECA, Manuscript Exchange Common Approach – | Carolina Sanchez, ‘Polaris OS’ – | Alex Freeman, ‘Octopus’ – | Christina Drummond, ‘Educopia Institute / OAeBU Data Trust’ – | Heather Staines, ‘Knowledge Futures Group, PubPub’ – &

FORCE11 June 18 2020

The community call is organised by FORCE11, Dryad, and eLife.