On February 25, eLife Innovation hosted the latest community call. Seven presenters shared updates on their work, including Popper 2.0, Outbreak Science rapid PREreview (OSrPRE), Open Climate Knowledge, csv,conf,v5, Metrics Literacies,AfricArXiv, and SourceData project.

See detail https://elifesciences.org/labs/6679ee39/open-source-community-call-the-latest-technology-updates-in-open-research-communication

Full notes from the February call, including questions and comments that were made in writing only during and directly after the meeting, are available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PGJYDG0YnJzxfaDlixNxeHc62tWU_8lyD3Ep2thSXB8/edit#

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The next call takes place in late June 2020 and is hosted by one of our community call partners, FORCE11.