Image: Ring-a-Scientist lab videoconference in progress. Courtesy Ring-a-Scientist

Cite as: DOI 10.25815/vdf3-nc44
Göpfrich, Kerstin. Worthington, Simon. ‘Making Connections: An Interview with Kerstin Göpfrich of Ring-a-Scientist’, 2019.

GenR’s editor-in-chief Simon Worthington talks with co-founder Kerstin Göpfrich of Ring-a-Scientist about how the platform for connecting scientists with school students via videoconferencing was started.

The Ring-a-Scientist platform provides an easy to use infrastructure for scientists to do their bit for Citizen Science. Scientists can signup and offer to host a videoconference for school students. The platform then takes care of the rest of the process making the work easier for the scientist and school teacher running a class.

Videoconferences from Ring-a-Scientist are currently being offered in ten languages around the world.

Scientists and School Teachers Signup!

Do your Open Science bit and join Ring-a-Scientist. Signup here. It only takes five minutes to signup and then you can schedule videoconferences to share your research with school students via the platform. You can give: lectures, answer Q and As, give tours of a lab, show off experiments, or demo high-tech equipment.

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