List of tools on the pad

The motivation behind the work is to help students and researchers in higher education with their study practice by providing them with the best free and open source — tools and services — from the Open Science community.

This is a collaborative work, please contribute!

All contributors will be listed in the blogpost and journal article.

This document is live and on the web. A ‘finished’ blogpost will be published on GenR on February 18th and following that date a further ‘academic article’ will be made and submitted to an appropriate journal.

What to contribute?

  • Add tools and services:
    • Add your favourite tools and services to the list
    • Tweet your favourites with the following hashtag
    • Add descriptions
    • Add notes about why you like a certain tool or service
    • Add learning resources for the tools and services
  • What do researchers do? What needs to be covered in their workflows?
    • Add researcher tasks
  • Vote on what should be in the top 10 
    • Give reasons for adding things to the top 10 or notes about why you voted in a certain way
  • What tools and services aren’t out there? Tell us what’s missing, what are you looking for? 
  • Contribute to the ‘Science Bit…’, the parts of the document that will make up the additional academic paper for a journal article

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Editor: Simon Worthington

This is a collaborative work, please contribute!



Citation format: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition

GenR Editorial Office. ‘Collaborative Text Invitation: Top 10 FOSS Open Science Tools & Services for Researchers’, 2019.