GenR is hosting a collaborative listing on innovating Open Science Communications: projects, resources, and publication. We’re looking for you to help us make the list of ground breaking projects and resources to share with the Open Science community.

You can contribute on the open collaborative CodiMD page. Any questions please send over via Twitter @gen_R_ (DMs open) or chat on Matrix / Element.

Part of GenR theme: Open Science Communications

Announcement and call for contributions


So what’s so different about Open Science Communication to standard Science Communication — part of the answer is that Open Science is about acknowledging that there are systemic problems in the functioning of academia that need fixing — from its basic efficacy to addressing knowledge equity and diversity of participation in scholarship. The other questions about what makes the open science concerns so different can hopefully be uncovered with the help of the listings exercise and little collective intelligence.

Digitisation has brought along a new toolbox for scholars, scientists, and the public. The Open Science community is using this moment of change to try and fix the social and technical problems that in some way or other orientate around the broken knowledge chain of:

research > review > condensed authoritative information

In terms of intra science communications the Cochrane Review for medical knowledge was once an innovation for methods of condensing medical knowledge and producing authoritative guides, but the flood of research publications and data now overwhelm such approaches.

For outreach Open Science communications and addressing the public is no longer seen as a one way street. Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) formed in 2019, based in Paris, takes on board a collective intelligence approach and looks to open up science to the public through the use of co-creation, deliberative processes and explorative conversations.

At the end of the consultation GenR will publish a set of Top Ten listings on GitHub to help share the models and ideas for moving forward Open Science communications. Are start listings categories will be: 

  • Projects
  • Blogs and news
  • Social media 
  • YouTube
  • Literature


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