The survey is now closed 7 Nov 2018. Thank you for your contributions.

Help choose what GenR should cover

Please fill out and share!

At GenR we’re thinking about how best to help researchers develop their Open Science practice and how people can be supported by institutions in developing these new skills.

A short survey has been put together to help select the next theme for GenR. The theme will start publishing in November and run for six weeks.

Please take a moment to fill it out and share.

Later in October we’ll report back on the selected theme with comments on the process.

Suggested topics are:

  • Metrics Remade
  • Preprint Culture
  • Open Peer Review: Restoring trust
  • Diversity and equality through Open Science
  • Citizen Science and building communities
  • Open Source infrastructures, made by researchers, for researchers
  • The academic book of the future
  • Open Government Data
  • Open Science in higher education: Towards a cultural change?
  • (And an open box for your suggestion)

Any questions? Drop into the #GenR Gitter chat channel