Diamond OA: Free to read – free to publish, these are the principles and publishing model that offers the greatest benefits for research and for global knowledge equality.

The authors of a recently published study OA Diamond Journals Study will be holding a Q&A webinar supported by SPARC Europe where the community are invited to ask questions and discuss their needs.

You can read the findings and recommendations here.

The study was commissioned by cOAlition S and is extensive and looks to make recommendations to the further adoption of Diamond OA models. The Executive Summary of the Recommendations is the best place to start as it gives the key framing of the report.

From June 2020 to February 2021, a consortium of ten organisations undertook a large-scale study on open access journals across the world that are free for readers and authors, usually referred to as “OA diamond journals. […]

This document presents the recommendations based on the results of extensive research into the OA diamond landscape. Recommendations have been grouped into five different topics:

– Technical support
– Compliance with Plan S
– Capacity-building
– Effectiveness
– Sustainability

OA Diamond Journals Study. Part 2: Recommendations – https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4562790

The ‘Ask Us Anything’ take place 9 April 2-4pm CEST – register here.