A recent preprint (June 11 2020) ‘COVID-19 amplifies gender disparities in research‘ and accompanying data set demonstrate how women researchers are disproportionately affected by the crisis with a falloff in publishing.

The study was made by analysing biomedical preprint servers and Springer-Nature journals. The data is on GitHub along with the calculations as a Jupyter Notebook which can be run up in MyBinder as here. Since the study was published in June and it is know that publishing increased at an exponential rate over the crisis it would be interesting to open up the dates covered up to the present.

freq = 'W'
sfreq = 'W'
split_date = "2020-01-31"
gt_max_date = "2020-05-03"

My Binder link: Maybe someone with stats and Notebooks skills can help run the notebook with updated data and new dates being covered.

The authors hope that their study can contribute to the adoption of fairer practices such as in evaluation and alleviating effects on early career researchers.

One of the study authors Goran Murić (University of Southern California) presented as part of webinar on science studies research on the COVID-19 pandemic ‘Doing science in times of crisis: Science studies perspectives on COVID-19‘ (Tuesday September 8) with videos coming online soon.