Generation R – Platform Plans

Generation R is about the discourse surrounding the effects of increased digitization and networked computing on researchers and academia.

Our editorial is led by four questions about Open Science, with the primary question being how to take a ‘needs based approach’ to researchers and contribute to researchers becoming open scientists — open scholars, or digital humanists — pick your preferred term.

Our four editorial questions on Open Science are:

  • taking a ‘needs based approach’ to researchers,
  • Open Science discourse,
  • improving the making of Open Science software & systems, and
  • addressing imbalances and problems in science knowledge systems.

We aim to encourage more researchers to become involved in shaping and designing the new digital tools, instruments, methods, and infrastructures they use.

What is the consultation about?

We have an outline of a plan for how to organize the Generation R editorial platform. This outline proposes a three channel approach, using

  • blogging,
  • discussion, and
  • documentation resources.

The idea is then to use this three channel combination to help contribute to partner’s learning resources, such as with Open Science MOOC.

We have established the blog using WordPress, but our other channels are a work in progress and here is where we are reaching out to look for pointers and recommendations.

What we’re thinking about:

  • How as an editorial platform and network can we support the Open Science community.
  • Helping evaluating a way forward and consulting on our platform plans below.
  • Asking specific platform questions, for example what technologies or platforms to use to make a collaborative Open Research Notebook.

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Consultation! Generation R – Platform Plans