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Category: Publishing Utopias

A Vision for Reproducible Research in Geoinformatics, Geography, and Geosciences

Research today is complex and often requires diverse skills. Many researchers around the globe collaborate on small or large scale projects to solve global challenges. Often, these challenges can only be solved in a {intra, cross, multi, inter, trans}-disciplinary groups and with the help of computing. If you need computers and algorithms to analyse data, no matter how small or big, you are in the realm of computational research

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Independent Publishing Based on the Values of Open Science

Open science is linked with many values such as accountability, integrity, trust, reproducibility and of course, openness. From the beginning of the research process, publishing is key to inform the community and society about the findings and the winding road that led to them. Saying this, accessibility must be mentioned as a necessary condition and another core value of open science.

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