#GenR Theme: Software Citation

Running June-Aug ’18 

Margaret Hamilton standing next to the navigation software that she and her MIT team produced for the Apollo Project. 1 Jan 1969, Draper Laboratory; restored by Adam Cuerden, public domain, source Wikimedia Commons

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About research software citation

The submission of software as a research output is becoming more common. As a result a number of areas need addressing in research workflows and in the research life cycle of a software project to improve the use of research software.

Two areas for such improvement in the theme of ‘software citation’ in terms of Generation R’s editorial remit of taking ‘a needs based approach to researchers’ are:

  • the use of software and 
  • the development of software.

The benefits can be,

  • that scientific knowledge systems and experiments using research software can be more reliably replicated and built upon more easily, and
  • in the area of software development itself — of making software — can be helped, and increased discovery and reuse.
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