GenR Notebook Launch

📖 Welcome to the ‘Notebook’ community news from open science & scholarship. On the Notebook you’ll find brief notes, say 140 word long notes, like: meetups, calls, publications, data, mooc classes, webinars, curriculum, cool tools, and announcements from the GenR büro…

Call for contributions!

If you would like to post to the Notebook send in your 140 words (just a guide) or post them up on the pad or DM @Gen_R_. We’ll tag them on Twitter with the hashtag #gnote

If you have other formats — Twitter threads, slides, pictures stories, infographics, etc — all welcome. 

Note: each note starts with an emoji, so go grab yourself one from here and copy paste.

Mapping African Preprints

🎓 A new visualisation and mapping of preprints from AfricArxiv has been released using the tool Kumu.

‘Explore this map by clicking on individual nodes and see which authors affiliated with which research institutions in Africa and beyond came up with the results. From each item title, you can directly go to the OSF item on AfricArXiv to find the abstract, whole manuscript, poster or dataset, respectively’ (AfricArXiv)

If you have comments, questions or suggestions for improvements on this map email

Opening image caption: AfricArXiv mapped

SprintCon Oct 21 –​​​​​​​ TIB Hannover

✨ The 1st convention for communities who create open books and knowledge resources. For all those who want to use agile processes to collaboratively work together to harness group wisdom on different types of publications: software documentations, text books, or MOOC modules, etc.

If you want to learn actively, share experiences, and participate in growing our knowledge production skills together, then this convention is for you!

Guest contributions from Adam Hyde @CokoFoundation, Abraham Taherivand @WikimediaDE, and Simon Worthington @Gen_R_ 


Hashtag: #SprintCon2019

Date and location: October 21, 2019 in Hannover

Registration: Registration is open until August 4

Venue: TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, Hannover

Blockchain and Timestamping Posts

⛓️ GenR has started to use the blockchain timestamp with the new plugin for WordPress from the Netherlands based outfit Wordproof. It is a free to use service only released this June 2019 at the Berlin hosted WordPress Camp EU #WCEU. 

The purpose of the timestamp is to prove the date of publishing by placing a copy of the post content on a blockchain. This blockchain copy is then linked to your post and displayed on your WordPress site.

You can see an example here on the GenR post ‘A Community Science Index‘. 

The timestamp (proposed) standard used is here

Since WordPress makes up more than 30% of the web CMSs then its a smart move to introduce trust mechanism like this.

GenR Tweet

From WordPress Camp EU #WCEU

Here’s a youtube interview with Sebastiaan Van Der Lans of Wordproof​​​​​​​, post #WCEU

#WCEU Slides

Open Science & Climate Change Resources: A Collaborative Index — Contribute!

🌍 The climate index is part of the GenR theme ‘Open Science and Climate Change‘ for which there are two areas of inquiry:

  • firstly, a low-carbon energy future — technologies and innovations, and;
  • secondly, climate sciences — monitoring and understanding the environment and the effects of climate change.

Contribute: Add a project, paper, software, data set, call-outs, etc!

Add an item, chat, or leave a comment

Join us over at the open pad on the CryptPad platform and add items or leave a comment.

In early autumn 2019 highlights of the Open Science & Climate Change Resources Index will be published on GenR and at a later date an open collaborative paper will follow summarizing the findings of the indexing process.