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COVID-19 Gender Gap in Research

A recent preprint (June 11 2020) ‘COVID-19 amplifies gender disparities in research’ and accompanying data set demonstrate how women researcher are disproportionately affected by the crisis with a fall off in publishing.

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Tip of the Iceberg: Open Abstracts Overview

Aaron Tay published on Medium (29 June 2020) a roundup of services and stats on the current state of open abstract publishing’. The overview is a valuable resource for anyone maintaining institutional repositories or related services as it give a number of examples of incremental steps a wide variety of maintainers could easily adopt.

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Open-source Community Call June 29

Join presenters from a number of open-source and open science projects for a 60 minutes online presentation. The session is fast paced and an essential place to go for cutting edge developments in Open Science infrastructures.

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Call to contribute!

GenR invites blogposts to any of its ongoing themes and also microblogs — 280 words — to the Notebook!

Current theme

Publishing Utopias

Upcoming theme

COVID-19 and Innovating Open Science Systems.  Contributions welcome!

If you have any ideas for an Open Research areas that need profiling and could make a theme please get in touch. DM @Gen_R_ or email

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