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Towards a Standardized Research Folder Structure

With the GIN-Tonic tool, we want to provide researchers with a default file organization and file sharing system for research projects, in order to facilitate research collaboration and lab management. In contrast to software developers, researchers mostly don’t organize their files according to some common standard. While data managers propose to design and follow such an organisation, they fail at providing clear recommendations or examples to researchers; and there is no time specifically assigned to this task in the researcher’s work.

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ASAPBio #PreprintSprint Presentations

Preprints are proving themselves to be a powerful point of leverage which are facilitating a much greater fluidity of scholarly communication by surfacing its traces – and quite simply for researchers the creative pleasure of making better tools. The recent announcement from eLife to only review preprints and focus on publishing reviews – as a model of ‘publish, then review’ goes to illustrate the role of preprints and open peer review in a more connected Open Science research cycle.

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Ten Measures for a More Violet Laboratory

Let us imagine a future for science in which everyone has equal opportunities to enter, contribute and progress without prejudice or harm; regardless of gender, race, ideology and sexual orientation. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science reminds us each year that there is still a long way to go for effective equality in science.

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Moving the Open Science Barcamp Online!

The Open Science Barcamp was hosted by the ‘Communities in New Media’ (GeNeMe) conference organised by the TU Dresden Media Centre on the 7th of October. The move to online only for the barcamp managed to keep the ‘in-the-moment’ spontaneity that makes a barcamp special – showing off group ingenuity and creating a welcoming environment attracting participants from around the world. The format also worked in terms of turning questions and abstract notions into concrete steps that participants could take away.

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Virtual Conferences Require Dedicated Time, Too

Virtual conferences are the new normal. A lot is being written and talked about on video conferences – about the advantages of the new virtual conferencing system. And some of these advantages are undisputed. For example, the climate footprint of virtual conferences is much better than that of conventional ones. No one has to travel – instead of using jet fuel, bandwidth is consumed.

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