⛓️ GenR has started to use the blockchain timestamp with the new plugin for WordPress from the Netherlands based outfit Wordproof. It is a free to use service only released this June 2019 at the Berlin hosted WordPress Camp EU #WCEU. 

The purpose of the timestamp is to prove the date of publishing by placing a copy of the post content on a blockchain. This blockchain copy is then linked to your post and displayed on your WordPress site.

You can see an example here on the GenR post ‘A Community Science Index‘. 

The timestamp (proposed) standard used is here https://github.com/wordproof/timestamp-standard

Since WordPress makes up more than 30% of the web CMSs then its a smart move to introduce trust mechanism like this.

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From WordPress Camp EU #WCEU

Here’s a youtube interview with Sebastiaan Van Der Lans of Wordproof​​​​​​​, post #WCEU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbFtktqpxbk

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